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Directional Version Log

Version 2.0 Changes

  • Paradigm shift of the entire library to work with polymoprhic discrete tangent bundles. All algorithms (if possible) converted to work with this paradigm directly.

Version 1.8.0 Changes

  • Extension of the PolyVector and power field implementation to include soft and hard partial alignment, and rotational symmetry objectives.

Version 1.7.0 Changes

  • Major overhaul of the viewer, where most operation are encapsulated in a new DIrectionalViewer class, allowing properties such as isolines, vertex, face, and edge data to be associated with a mesh. User does not (need to) directly control shapes and colors, but rather only provide the geometric quantities.
  • Many changes in the actual visualizations - thin arrows for glyphs, edge bars for seams and N-function isolines, and nicer spheres for singularities.
  • Several bug fixes.

Version 1.6.0 Changes

  • The seamless parameterization package was entirely replaced with a seamless integration and meshing package.
  • Several bug fixes.

Version 1.5.0 Changes

The major changes are:

  • Change in name from “libdirectional” to “Directional”.
  • Full compatibility to the libigl 2.0 release, including similar website build and tutorial cmake paradigms.
  • Introducing seamless parameterization.
  • Rendering the different component of field visualization (mesh, field, streamlines, glyphs, singularities) as separate meshes, to facilitate coding. As a result, the “appending” options of directional::line_cylinders() etc. were removed.
  • Visualization was canonicalized using directional\visualization_schemes.h for a more homogeneous look.
  • The tutorial portions imported from libigl (Conjugate fields, curl reduction, streamline tracing) are now fully compatible with Directional representation and data structures.
  • Combing is now dependent on a given matching, and therefore there is no separate curl_combing() or principal_combing().
  • Functionality was renamed to better reflect its general application and target, rather then the name assigned by the relevant papers.
Former Name New Name
Integrable PolyVectors PolyCurl Reduction
Trivial Connection Index prescription
Globally Optimal Power FIelds

Version 1.0 Changes

Alpha version of Directional (then called “libdirectional”). Introducing the following functionality:

  1. Glyph Drawing with singularities.
  2. Trivial connection.
  3. Globally optimal fields.
  4. Polyvectors + integrable polyvectors.
  5. Principal matching and combing.